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Fit To Fly 

Type of Class:  Aerial Preparation & Conditioning

Fitness Level:  No fitness Level is required

      (Perfect for people just beginning with fitness.)

Fit to Fly is here to get you into shape and into the air. This aerial conditioning perfect anyone who has always wanted to try aerial, but may have minimal fitness experience.  Fit to Fly will develop strength and coordination utilizing a unique ground warm up, an aerial hammock and high flying fun. 

Aerial Dance- Beginner Hammock

Type of Class:  Aerial Hammock Basics 

Fitness Level:  A Basic level of fitness is required for this class

This aerial based dance class will teach you the basics of moving & grooving through the air.  Build strength and flexibility utilizing an aerial hammock. Warm up with our unique strength and coordination exercises.  Learn basic inversions, mounts and tricks and express yourself through aerial dance. A new basic sequence of aerial dance choreography is taught each month.  This class is for people new to aerial. 

Aerial Dance- Intermedeate Hammock

Type of Class:  Aerial Hammock Basics 

Fitness Level:  A Strong Level of Fitness is required. 

This aerial based dance class will teach an intermediate sequence of aerial dance choreography each month.  Using an aerial hammock, you will build strength, flexibility, and grace.  Learn more challenging tricks like how to climb, invert, swing, spin and drop.


Stretch & Flexibility

Type of Class:  Stretching & Functional Flexibility

Fitness Level:  No level of fitness is required.  

Fitness is not only about how strong the body can be, it is also about having a functionality and wellness in the joint and connective tissue.  During this lesson you will use active stretching and myofascial release techniques to gain range of motion in joints and also increase plasticity in the body. Balance your fitness routine by lengthening your muscles and releasing tension. Stretch it out! 



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