Corona protocol for CLA & Partners

General safety rules

  • Comply with social distancing measures that apply to other venues (restaurants, workplace, etc)

  • See more information on the official government website

kNOTdance & CLA Partner Protocol 



Student Protocol

  • Students should arrive pre-dressed.  NO CHANGING ROOM IS PROVIDED. 

  • Students should arrive just before their class time to avoid waiting crowds.

  • Students Should wash their hands DOWNSTAIRS before entering the Training Hall.

  • Students Hands should be sanitized before Warm-Up. 

  • Sanitizer will be provided in the bathrooms and entrance to the training hall.

  • Students will leave their shoes in the hall before Entering the Gym Zaal.

  • NO SHOES in the training hall. 

  • Students must RENT or utilize THEIR OWN equipment.  

  • Equipment will be rigged by a kNOTdance Teacher * 

  • Students will have a designated “spot” or ”X” so students can keep 1.5m distance.

  • Floor Layout:

    • Students rest in ZigZag way

    • Students train in ZigZag way

    • See Diagram A. 

  • Students will clean all equipment and area before and after usage. 

  • The floor will be sanitized before/after every class 

  • Students will leave promptly after class. 

  • Students are not allowed to hang-out or wait in the building.  

  • At the beginning of class students will answer a verbal Questionnaire for a health check.  


  • Windows in the gym hall will remain open

  • Fans will be placed on upper windows. Air Refreshes 7x/hour in accordance with health standards.  

  • Windows on the hallway will remain open

Rigging - Aerial Equipment

  • Every student will RENT or utilize THEIR OWN equipment 

  • Each Student will have a Single Rig Point.  

  • Distance between points is 1.8mts.  

    • This allows for 12 people (including teacher)


  • Rigging on rails: there will be 1 ladder on each side so people can rig the equipment to the top.

    • Teachers will rig for beginner lessons. 

    • Students with intermediate/advanced groups may  request to hang their own equipment with permission and supervision of a kNOTdance instructor.  


  • Rigging on center line:

    • Ropes will be left hanging low for convenience of the next group.

    • Students will rig their equipment to the ropes. (rigging point)

    • Teacher will rig the chain to the floor (sides)


  • Students should have their own

  • Aerials has big box to give bits away

Storage of equipment

  • Students can store their training material on the storage space at the back of the gym hall

  • Training material should be kept inside a closed bag or Box