Lucie Pokorna

Resident Artist - Dancer / Choreographer

Lucie Pokorna is a dancer, singer, songwriter from Prague, Czech Republic. She has been fascinated by art especially by dance and music since her childhood. As a child she was very creative and passionate about all kinds forms of art. At the age of 7 parents signed her for dance classes and soon after that she realized dance is something she wants to do in her life. Lucie trained and performed with Pop Balet Prague for many years but she has been always curious about living in different countries and perform all over the world. In 2012 she moved to Denmark where she spent one semester at a music school. Shortly after that life brought her to Berlin, the capital city of Germany and one year later she decided to move to Canada. After 4 months of living in Montreal she made her move to Toronto to pursue her career in dance and music. In september 2014 she started training and performing with Toronto Dance Project - a commercial dance company. In May 2015 Lucie moved back to Europe and spontaneously ended up in Amsterdam one month later. Since then she has been networking and starting new projects in both dance and music. Lucie can't wait what the new year will bring and is excited about meeting new creative souls.

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