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What to Wear

  • Please wear tights and fitted sports clothing.

  • A shirt that covers your armpits is required.

  • No zippers or metal in clothing is allowed. 

  • No Jewelry. 

  • Please bring a yoga mat for cleanliness.

  • A water bottle is also suggested for proper hydration. 



  • Please, be aware of any previous injury to neck and shoulders, these may be a hindrance to your practice.   

  • Pregnancy and aerial is not a good combination.  Women who are pregnant or who have recently been pregnant are not allowed to attend classes. 




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A basic level of fitness is required to attend this class.


Aerial Dance Hammock (Beginner) is a basic introductory lesson. This class focuses on developing the building blocks necessary for you to become an aerial dancer. This course is perfect for anyone who would love to dance in the air.  You must have consistent fitness experience and enough physical strength to do one pull up.  


Class begins on the ground with our unique kNOTdance warm-up.  The aim of warm-up is to develop your brain and prepare your body for movements which are utilized later on in this class. After warm-up, you will take flight off the ground in your own aerial hammock. You will learn basic aerial dance skills. First you will learn to mount the fabric and then you will learn to make shapes in the hammock. Finally you will work on inverting in the fabric. A series of these skills is then connected into a short routine. Class then finishes with light stretching in order to cool down the body and lengthen muscles. 


Get kNOTy and have fun flying!






A high level of fitness and previous experience with any aerial apparatus is required to attend this class. 


Aerial hammock dance (advanced) is an advanced level lesson. This class focuses on performing aerial movement that is fluid and full of expression. This course is perfect for anyone with previous aerial experience.  You must have a strong physical condition to attend this lesson. 


Class begins on the ground with warm-up. The aim of these exercises is to challenge your mind and body.   The advanced level warm-up combines exercises that utilize shape, rhythm and pattern to develop a deep awareness of your space. You will then learn dynamic climbs, inversions, swings, spins and drops.  These skills are set into a routine. The aim of practicing the routine is to create beautiful movements where you can then explore your body and practice within the structure. Class finishes with light stretching. Active/Passive stretching is used to increase flexibility and release tight muscles.


Hang out and get kNOTy!

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