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Creating Moving Experiences

kNOTDance is a post-modern dance theatre company located in Amsterdam. Founded in 2007, we began our kNOTy journey in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. kNOTdance is comprised of movement artists from a wide range of backgrounds. We believe connection is essential part of life. People share similar life experience: love, happiness, disappointment, sadness, and these moments unify us as humans.  We create moving experiences where people can discover, connect and inspire themselves and others.  


But,  what does kNOTdance Do?

Who is kNOTdance

What is dance and what is kNOTdance?

We strip away the idea of dance as a specific style and explore what and how movement can communicate.

Motion and emotion are our base inspiration and movement is our storytelling tool.  We believe dance should be an experience that is something more than just watching performers on a stage.


kNOTdance offers creative, educational, and performance services for private and public institutions.


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What is kNOTdance


We explore what the concept of dance through our own artistic and physical technique . kNOTtechnique  utilizes classical dance terminology and flips them 360 degrees. We access a wide range of movement styles such as dance, aerial, acrobatics, circus, gymnastics, and yoga as our reference.  We combine these coordination skills, rhythm, and patten to create new and challenging physical and mentally explorations.  

How Does kNOTdance?
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