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Join kNOTdance for movement classes located in Amsterdam Nieuw-West.  We offer fun and challenging  lessons that will give you a moving experience

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Aerial Dance


A basic level of fitness is required to attend this class.


Aerial Dance- Hammock (Beginner) is a basic introductory lesson. This class focuses on developing the building blocks necessary for you to become an aerial dancer. This course is perfect for anyone who would love to dance in the air.  You must have consistent fitness experience and enough physical strength to do one pull up. 

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Aerial Dance Advanced 

A high level of fitness and previous experience with any aerial apparatus is required to attend this class. 


Aerial hammock dance (advanced) is an advanced level lesson. This class focuses on performing aerial movement that is fluid and full of expression. This course is perfect for anyone with previous aerial experience.  You must have a strong physical condition to attend this lesson.

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